The Brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm

- An ambassador for the Baltic Sea Region

Briggen Tre Kronor is an ambassador for the Baltic Sea Region. We act as an independent platform for debate and networking for leading decision makers from private and public sectors. Our focus areas are the environment, youth and the economical growth of the Baltic Sea Region.

Sustainable Seas, the Initiative

In September 2011, Briggen Tre Kronor presented the project “Sustainable Seas” at the Kolskjulet on Kastellholmen in Stockholm along with the shipping companies Wärtsilä and Cargotec. Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess Victoria, dedicated Godmother of the ship, took part in the seminar along with some 150 prominent guests. During 2012 the Initiative developed an exhibition concerning environmental toxins and littering in the Baltic Sea that was presented in harbours that the ship Tre Kronor af Stockholm visited.

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The Tall Ships´ Races 2017

The beautiful brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm will participate in The Tall Ships’ Races 2017 and you can join us on our sailings. For bookings and mor info klick here.

We also offer you a unique opportunity to use Tre Kronor af Stockholm for events with your customers, employees and business contacts during our visits in Kotka, Turku, Klaipeda and Szczecin.

For more information contact our administration at +46 8 586 224 00.

Sailings with Tre Kronor af Stockholm

Tre Kronor af Stockholm may also be rented for sailings or event.
During sailings inshore we can have up to 45 passengers on daytrips and 16 persons over night. Outshore we can have up to 12 passengers.
Prices excl food:
4 h: 40 000 SEK
7 h: 60 000 SEK
24 h: 80 000 SEK

For longer sailings contact us at + 46 8 586 224 00 or

Public salings

Please contact us at + 46 8 586 224 00 or for acrual program.

Facts about the Brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm

Foto: The Brig on premier tour
Foto: Per Björkdahl













What is a Brig?

A Brig is a two-masted ship with both masts carrying square sails all the way. The Brig was one of the most important sailing vessels of the 18th and 19th centuries. It was a good sailor, easily manoeuvred in a number of special ways thanks to its two square-rigged masts.

What is the origin of this Brig?

This ship is modelled after Gladan, a Brig built in 1857 as a cargo navy ship. Gladan also made two journeys as a supply ship for A F Nordenskiöld and his expeditions to Spitsbergen and Greenland. Later she served as a sail training ship for the Navy. Her time ended in 1924, when she sunk in the harbour of the Navy town Karlskrona.

How it all started

Four gentlemen with a passion for beauty, navigation and sailing vessels launched the Stockholm Brig project in 1993. The first drawings were presented in 1994, and in 1997 the Brig’s keel was laid on Skeppsholmen, Stockholm. The construction had begun!

Photo: The stern from the inside
Photo: Olav Skogsrud

Who supports the project?

The Society Föreningen Briggen Tre Kronor, with around 4 000 members, supports the project, which is basically financed by private donations, companies and foundations. The Society founded the limited company Briggen Tre Kronor AB, and is still the largest shareholder.

What kind of timber has been used?

The frames, planking and garnishing (the inside of the ships hull) are of oak. The deck is built of Siberian larch. Masts and spars are made of pine and larch.


Construction methods

In all essential, the construction is carried out in the same manner as when Gladan was built. We have, however, used modern tools such as chainsaws, electric planes, drills and computers. Competent craftsmanship is totally decisive for the final result.


Material and dimensions

Hull material consists of 544 m3 through-sawed full-grown oak representing some 1,000 trees. The logs are cut and sawed in order to preserve the natural curves of the trees, to obtain maximal strength and optimal utilisation of the timber. Hardware used in connecting wooden parts includes 17,000 galvanised 6"-8" nails, 5,000 check bolts, as well as other nuts, bolts and washers.

Linseed oil, turpentine and various pigments are used in all painting and impregnating.

Frame: 6" full-grown oak with centre spacing of 0.53 m. 53 bolted double frames, of which 40 are whole-timbers, 13 are half-frames and 3 are single cant frames. In addition, there are stern frame timbers and hawse timbers.

Planking: Oak, 2.5" thick boards (6,2 cm). Garboards and wales are 3" thick (8.8 cm). A total of 1,837 running metres, 252 boards. Board length: 4-14 metres.

Deck: Siberian larch. 2.5" (7,0 cm) X 5" (12,5 cm). A total of 1,800 running metres in lengths of 4-6 metres.


Photo: At work
Photo: Olav Skogsrud

Hull construction

Basic information for the construction and proportions of Tre Kronor af Stockholm has been taken from data from the original Gladan, from construction regulations for wooden ships of the Swedish National Maritime Administration (1945) as well as traditional shipbuilding practice. Advancements in the area of wooden shipbuilding had reached a climax at the time of the construction of Gladan.


The Gladan blueprints from 1857 were inserted into a modern CAD-based drafting software called Max Surf. Smaller adjustments have been made in order to install the propeller, but other than that the hull corresponds to the original blueprints.

Photo: The launching

The Launching

The traditional Launching was on August 27th, 2005. Her first official "premier sailing" was on the 25th of July 2007. In the season of 2008 she made her maiden journey.


What will we use her for?

Tre Kronor af Stockholm will be used for various purposes: Membership sailing, Shipowner sailing, conference sailing, networking sailing, education and expeditions etc. But above all, she will sail in the Baltic Sea as an ambassador for mutual understanding and support cultural and commercial relations between the countries around the Baltic.


The future

It is our ambition that the Brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm will be a platform for cultural and economical networking in the Baltic Sea region. She represents the best of Swedish ship building tradition and can offer unique sailing experiences that encourage and give opportunity for reflection, personal development and joy of living. We want Tre Kronor af Stockholm to represent tradition, quality, fellowship, sailorship and adventure.

Photo: How to get there



LOA 35 m (115ft.)

LWL 29,0 m (95 ft.)

Mooring length incl. bowsprit 46,0 m

Beam 8,25 m

Draught 3,3 m

Theoretical max speed 13,4 knots

Displacement (total sailing weight) 330 ton

Estimated weight at launching 180 ton

Gross tonnage 198 ton

Ballast, lead 97 ton

Dead weight (carrying capacity) 200 ton

Sails 16

Sail area (max) 730 m2

Engine Scania DI12M



Contact information

Illustration: Björn Senneby
Artist: Björn Senneby







Briggen Tre Kronor

Örlogsvägen 11, Kastellholmen

111 49 Stockholm

Phone nrs: 

The Company/ the Office: + 46 8 586 224 00

The Association: +46 8 545 024 10

Fax: +46 8 545 024 11